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Honda CR-V Standard

Honda CR-V Standard

The Honda CR-V combines functionality, safety and efficiency in a bold, dynamic design. It is these characteristics, combined with the spacious interior and the excellent safety systems, that every SUV owner is looking for. Because sometimes, you need a car that knows how to be more than a just car. That’s why the CR-V is built for just about every occasion. Just like everywhere else in the world, the CR-V is a preferred family car in Suriname as well.


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    Honda is committed to providing safety for everyone, thereby allowing you to fully enjoy the performance, the space and the design that make the CR-V so attractive. The CR-V comes standard with dual front airbags, 3-point seat-belts at every seat and  Passenger Side Occupant Position Detection (OPDS).

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    The VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) with traction control and the ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) further contribute to your safety. The CR-V also comes equipped with a multi angle rearview camera.


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Cargo space

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    With over 2900 liters of  passenger space the CR-V comfortably seats 5. In addition to passenger space, the roomy cargo area  of the CR-V allows more than enough space to accommodate all kinds of cargo. The 60/40 split rear seatback folds down easily with a single pull, thereby increasing your cargo space even further. The low cargo floor makes loading and unloading easy and the four tie-down anchors help keep everything secure and stable. 


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    2.0L Unleaded In-line 4 cylinder / Multi-point fuel injection / 16-valve SOHC i-Tech / 5-speed automatic transmission / HP: 153@6500


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    With the legendary technical innovations of the Honda engines, you are guaranteed of quality under the hood of your CR-V. Each CR-V is equipped with Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System™. It only operates in AWD when necessary. When the system senses insufficient traction in the front wheels, it electronically transfers power to the rear wheels. Drivers don't have to do a thing. Plus, the electronic activation reacts quicker than other vehicles' hydraulic systems and requires virtually no maintenance.